Dropout Fuse Unit

We manufacture and supply high performance Dropout Fuse Unit that are fuse carriers of fiberglass tube with heavily tinned non-ferrous metal parts at both the ends. The brush type phosphorous bronze contacts ensure high-pressure multi-line connection, wiping and cleaning action. The dropout units are widely used for system protection as a secondary back-up against troubles or faults. The dropout units offered by us can be availed at industry leading prices.

11/22 Kv 200/400 Amps Single Break Air Break Switch

1 Base Channel 3Nos M.S Galvanised
2 Post Insulator 6 Nos. Porcelain
3 Down Pipe 1 Nos. G.I Pipe
4 Operating Handle 1 Nos. M.S Galvanised
5 Braided Tape 3 Nos. Tinned Copper
6 Arcing Horn 3 Nos. --Do--
7 Phase Coupling Pipe 1 Nos. M.S Galvanised

Dropout Fuse

Electrical Dropout Fuse offered can be made available for 11KV/22KV/33KV electrical lines and accordingly are made available in different working specifications. With these fuses manufactured using high grade galvanized mild steel, these Dropout Fuses also have in them excellent capability of protecting electrical system from high voltages. Here, our expertise also lies in making these available in specifications as desired by the customers.

11 Kv Drop Out Fuse 200 Amps.

1 Hinge 3 Nos Brass
2 M.S. Back Rest 3 Nos. M.S Galvanised
3 Contact At The Hinge End 3 Nos Brass
4 Multi Line Brush Type Contact For Hinge 9 Nos P.B
5 Fuse Barrel (13"x1/2") 3 Nos. S.R.B.P. / Fibre Glass
6 Hook For Moving Contact 3 Nos --Do--
7 Fuse Element Adjustment Nut & Washer 3 Nos Brass
8 Post Insulator (11kv.) 6 Nos. Porceline
9 Multiline Brush Type Fixed Contact 3 Nos. AI. / Brass
9 Fixed Female Contact   G.M.
10 Bronze Connector 3 Nos. Brass
11 Bronze Support Strips 3 Nos. P.B.
12 Cable Connector 6Nos. AI. / Brass